This is a shot I took while putzing around Brenham, just outside of Houston... I've never had the pleasure

of driving on the Nurburgring, although I've driven the autobahn twice, once in a 2000 Carrera Cabriolet

and the other time in a BMW 540i.

Here's a pic of my buddy driving his M3 on the autobahn...

The Nurburgring is a closed racing course near Nurburg, Germany and open to the public. It is where many of the world's leading automobile manufacturers test their new cars.

These movies are taken from interiors of cars driving this 20 something mile course. Speeds can climb as high as 195 mph or more. Right click on them to save them to your hard drive as they're huge files!

Lotus chasing a Corvette (36 mb)

RUF Carrera doing what it does best (14 mb)

Boxster on the ring (100 Mb)