What could possibly be better than owning a Porsche?

You know, as much as Porsche ownership is a dream come true, it's not nearly as good as having something else...

...something you can't earn, or buy or steal.

...something that can't be taken from you once you get it.

...something that feels better than doing 120 with the top down and the radio up!

What could it possibly be?

It's something I've had since I was just a boy. That, my friend, would be a relationship with Jesus Christ. It's sooooo much better than cars that just need insurance and lots of maintenance! If you've always wondered why you were put on the planet, what the meaning of life is and why you should get up in the morning, this is the answer, even if you don't think it will make a difference.

You do have a purpose. That purpose, however, will not be revealed to you until you have first established a relationship with God. You can't preview the purpose first because you won't understand it without the relational connection God desires to have with you.

When you establish a relationship with God by acknowledging what His Son, Jesus Christ did when He died on that cross, everything starts to become clear. What did Jesus do?

Man is sinful. God is not. There's no way to have a relationship with God without some sort of a way to pay for the sin that separates us from God. God loves us so much that He sent His Son to die on a cross like a common criminal and take upon Himself our sins so we could connect with God. Now that's sacrificial love.

Yup, God loves you and me that much! Just like we are, and there's nothing we can do or say to get Him to hate us or to buy our way into His good graces. We're already in His good graces, and He just wants us to acknowledge that Jesus is His son and that He died for our sin so we could personally relate to one another.

What will establishing a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ do for you?

It's hard to explain in words, but I'll try. I wake up every morning and know that I am important to God, and we talk throughout the day. Sounds wierd, I know, but I talk to God in my head and sometimes out loud ... and I know He hears. More wierd than that, He talks back and I know it's Him talking!

He gives me a peace about crap I'm going through. He gives me a feeling that certain people are good people to listen to and to ask when I need advice. He gives me an uneasy feeling about other people who don't have my best interest at heart. It's as if we're going through life in partnership.

Sure, he's the major stockholder in the relationship, but He never makes me feel like a pawn or an underling. And I understand my purpose in life now.

If you dream about fast cars, then we have a lot in common. I'm sure if you work hard to save and ask some friends for a buck like I did , you'll get a Porsche one day too just like I did.

But don't settle for dreaming about a car. That's a weenie dream considering the dreams God has for you!

If you've never turned your life over to God, do it right now. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and acknowledge that Jesus Christ was indeed His Son and died for your sins... and name as many as you can because He wants you to envision them being nailed on a cross and forgiven. When you're done with that, ask Him to show you how much He loves you and just sit there quietly and wait. What comes next can only be experienced ... I can't explain it. But I assure something big will happen.

My prayer is that you begin to experience God's love with such power that you can't contain yourself! As best as I can figure, that's what God's purpose is for me and I love doing it.

See you on the freeway of life!


P.S. - If you have a couple of minutes, watch this video. It's very good. And if you just turned your life over to God, be sure to email me. I'd love to know about it. (My email link is on the front page of the site on the bottom left.)