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So you want a Porsche, eh? Here's how I got mine and what I've done to it . . .
(last update: 06/23/2010)

In 2004, I bought my 1997 Boxster with 84k on it in the summer of 2004 off Ebay for $15,500, which was about $3k lower than wholesale value. I knew that due to the high mileage and the low price, the car was going to need work. However, I didn't know the full extent of the repairs owning the car would require.

The car was a shiny piece of junk ... but I bought it anyway. If not for the brand new Porsche engine in the car (not a rebuilt motor) that was worth $12k, I would have put it in a local auction and counted my losses.

Today, the car is in excellent mechanical shape and the body is clean except for a couple of tiny rust spots and some dings. One day, I'll have it repainted, but until then, it looks and runs great!



Originally, I set up this web page to get donations to buy the car. Believe it or not, total strangers contributed a buck or two to my cause! One guy even gave me $20 saying he thought I deserved more than requested because I had the balls to ask for donations in the first place! I thought, "If a girl in Nebraska can put up a website to help her eliminate her credit card debt through the donations of strangers, I can get people everywhere to help me buy a Porsche!" (If you want to see the original page, you can click the first link on the left.)

I didn't get tons of money, but it sure was fun to show my friends what I was attempting to do. I saved up about half the money myself, and my wife gave me a big chunk as well as a gift. But total strangers did contribute a couple of hundred bucks—one dollar at a time—and I really appreciated their participation!

After I bought the car I decided to start posting information about what I've done to the car, why I had to do it, and how to help other Boxster owners or potential owners avoid my mistakes. If you're in the market for a Boxster or you already own one, my site will probably be helpful to you. All I ask is that you spread the word about the site and help me fulfill my next little dream for my car. Read on to learn about it and participate.



For a long time, I wanted to add forced induction to my 2.5 liter M96 motor. Specifically, I had my eye on a product by Turbowerx which is guaranteed to provide more power at a lower RPM than supercharging. I saved about half the money for this project and then read posts from a guy named Jake Raby with on a great Boxster forum (www.986forum.com). Jake owns a company called Flat Six Innovations and is no stranger to the IMS failures and cylinder D chunks found in the M96 motor.

Most people visiting this web site looking for more power from their Boxster and have googled the words "boxster and turbocharger" and this page is visited. Let me be the first to warn you against doing this. The M96 motor has some design flaws that may never cause you problems, even with near-redline driving for years on end... until you supercharge or turbocharge the motor. It's simplly not designed for it and will prove this to you if you proceed with one of these bolt-ons.

On the street, I find my 2.5 Boxster to be spirited, but anything but fast. I also own a BMW 550i and the power of my other German car makes driving the Boxster feel even slower. However, if you change the environment in which the Boxster is driven, you'll quickly learn that the Boxster—with any size motor in it—is not underpowered.

Join your local PCA and sign up for a high speed driver's education course. I did my first one in December of 08 and the performance of the car left me speechless. On a track with tight turns, the car has plenty of acceleration to keep right up with 911 Turbos if the driver is as good or better than the guy behind the wheel of the $120,000 car.

The next big mod I will do with my first-year Boxster is upgrade the motor when it dies of one malady or another. I'll buy a Raby rebuild from Flat Six with a much larger displacement. But until then, you can count on seeing me at the track with the PCA club learning how to drive faster.

- Randall

PS - If you find this site to be helpful, please donate to the upkeep and expansion of it. A couple of bucks goes a long way to helping me add more pages, share more information, and pay for server space, which ain't getting any cheaper.